An Introduction to Chiropractic

In 1895, Daniel David Palmer delivered the first chiropractic adjustment to Harvey Lillard, a janitor in his office.  Harvey had been deaf since injuring his back in a childhood accident.  Harvey had a full recovery, including the restoration of his hearing, after that one adjustment.

Chiropractic medicine is a manual medicine.  The healing process is started through manipulation of the spine or extremity that has lost its ability to function correctly.  The natural alignment of the bones allows for optimal blood flow and nerve conduction and increases the ability of the immune system to ward off illness.

Chiropractic Physicians are the only doctors that are specifically trained to restore spinal balance.  No other doctor or profession makes this claim.  The emphasis of chiropractic is that the body heals itself, it's never the Band-AidŽ that heals the cut, and it's never the pill that cures the cold.  The body, when functioning properly, heals and maintains itself.  It's our job as chiropractors to remove any nerve interference that the body is experiencing so that the body can do its job: maintain your health!

A chiropractor is trained to correct the spine through a process known as a chiropractic ADJUSTMENT.  Often after an adjustment, immediate relief is felt.  If the underlying problem has been there for a long time, it may take more than one adjustment to bring relief.  A common question is, "Why do I need to keep getting adjusted?".  An analogy is useful in answering this question.  When a person's teeth are crooked, they get braces.  After the teeth have straightened out, they wear a retainer.  The reason they use a retainer when the teeth are already straight is because the canals that surround the teeth are still crooked.  It takes time for these retaining elements to straighten out.  The spine also has retaining elements; muscles, ligaments, and tendons.  When proper mobility and balance is restored to the bone, the correct positioning must be maintained while the "retainers" heal into their proper position.  Often, a chiropractor will prescribe exercises that encourage the correct alignment, as a preventative measure.